U.P. Vigilance Commission and

The Administrative Tribunal

        The U.P. Vigilance Commission was established in the year 1964, pursuant to the establishment of the Central Vigilance Commission. The U.P. Vigilance Commission comprises five members, four of whom are the members of the Administrative Tribunal I & II constituted under the U.P. Disciplinary Proceeding (Administrative Tribunal) Rules 1947 and fifth is the Director of Vigilance. The president of the Administrative Tribunal-I functions as the Chairman of the Commission. The Vigilance Commission is expected to generally formulate proposals for the prevention and control of corruption and may in particular perform the following functions:-

(a) Advising the Government regarding change in the procedure or practice followed in any Government department or office, with a view to eliminating chances of corruption.
(b) Collecting such statistics and other information as may be relevant for the purpose.
(c) Advising the Government about the methods and procedure to be followed in entertaining public grievances and redressing them.
(d) Calling for reports, returns and statements from all government departments, public offices and Government undertakings in order to enable it to exercise general control and supervision over the vigilance and anti-corruption work done in such departments, offices and undertakings.
(e) Obtaining information about action taken by any Government department, office or undertaking on its recommendations.
(f) Submitting an annual report to the Government in the Vigilance Department about its activities and drawing attention of the Government to any recommendations made by the Commission in respect of its functions and which had not been accepted or acted upon by the Government or the department concerned. The report will be placed before the legislature.

        There are three Administrative Tribunals constituted under the Vigilance Commission. Administrative Tribunal-I and II deal with disciplinary proceedings against Government servants. The Administrative Tribunal-III was constituted to conduct disciplinary proceedings against Judicial Officers only. (The High Court has withdrawn such cases pertaining to Judicial Officers from Tribunal- III).


Setup of U.P. Vigilance Commission and The Administrative Tribunal.